Orkney Shellfish

Your initial contact with the company will be Tracey Jackson who has a background in sales, marketing and public relations. Tracey provides a friendly and efficient service and will deal with any order or enquiry at any time.

Orkney Shellfish is the first company in Scotland to offer the unique opportunity to purchase the finest quality Lobsters, and other Shellfish, to be ordered and paid for via the Internet and electronic banking. 

Having been in business for almost two years the customers we deal with throughout Europe can testify to the high standards of both produce and service.

The increased efficiency and instant payment allows us to set a price our competitors can only envy. We are determined to provide a service to our customers second to none for quality, reliability and price.

Quality - We supply only top grade Scottish lobsters and other Shellfish.
Reliability - We have in place transport contingency plans To ensure you always receive your order on time.
Price - Owing to our uniquely low overhead structure we can offer shellfish at a highly competitive price.


Robert Smith is an Orkney man born and bred. He is one of the new generation of business men determined to use the latest technologies to ensure that his business is as competitive as possible.

Robert started business as a Shell Fish fisherman and has now used his expertise to launch Orkney Shellfish to sell Fresh Seafood throughout Europe at very competive rates. The company is determined to ensure customer satisfaction and every part of the operation is carefully supervised by Robert personally.

Computer Technology lies at the heart of the business. The Internet allows customers to order for the cost of a local phone call and immediately on receipt of funds processed securely through the Banking network in Europe, orders are processed and dispatched.